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Do you ever wonder how to help those you serve to see and embrace the need for

A normal part of change is ambivalence – feeling two ways about it.

The challenge of facilitating change more effectively may involve making some changes in your approach.

Monty Roberts Join-Up Clinic Ireland

Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative conversation style that allows people
opportunities to resolve their ambivalence while strengthening their own motivation
and commitment to change. This course will invite you to learn some introductory skills
of Motivational Interviewing in a beautiful farm environment that utilizes horses to
illustrate the key concepts.

For 20 years, Monty Roberts (originator of Join-up®) and Bill Miller (psychologist-
founder of Motivational Interviewing) have been exploring parallels in their methods. In
this unique opportunity you will work with horses to learn Motivational Interviewing
and discover the parallels of their work for yourself!
Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, Claire Connaghan, and her horses will welcome you
to their beautiful farm in Donegal, Ireland. Kris Robins will serve as your primary
instructor. She has been studying Motivational Interviewing for 25 years and has also
been learning Monty Roberts’ methods since 2011. Through demonstrations and
supported practice, Kris will help you learn some core skills of Motivational Interviewing,
with horses partnering as your teachers!

long lining clinic Ireland

Kris, Claire, and other Monty Roberts Certified Instructors will help you understand and
1. The importance of the underlying spirit in working successfully in a willing
partnership, whether with horses or people
2. Methodologies to prevent the development of resistance and deal effectively
with any discordant behavior that may occur
3. How to develop both confidence and importance as determinants of successful
4. The critical components of a helping partnership that eschews all forms of
coercion and violence

Our audience will include:
Non-profit agency staff
Medical practitioners
Horsemanship instructors
Corporate leaders & supervisors
Those whose work involves assisting others to change

Certified Instructor

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